The study will be conducted within UVA facilities at their Clinical Research Units (CRUs). UVA currently has two locations for their CRUs. One located in West Complex of UVA Hospital (Barringer Wing CRU) and one located in Fontaine Research Park (Ivy Building CRU).

All participants are required to undergo two Pre-Study Screening Tests before entering the Two-Week Diet. Participants may book screening appointments at a time that is most convenient for them. However, once entered into the two week diet, all follow-up visits and food pickup will be conducted at the Barringer Wing CRU. Driving directions and addresses are provided below.

Barringer Wing CRU

The West Complex of the University of Virginia Hospital has a clinical research unit located at Barringer Wing. Participants may choose to book their pre-study screening tests here. Barringer Wing CRU is the primary CRU at which follow-ups and food pickup will occur once participants enter the two week diet. It is located on 101 Hospital Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22903, the street right across from CVS on the corner. Participants driving are able to park at Old Medical Lot on Hospital Drive free of charge.

NOTE: Internet mapping does not usually give accurate directions to this location unless you are already on University Avenue.


Driving Directions from Route 29

While on Route 29 (Emmet St.), turn onto University Avenue (at the tennis courts). Continue driving past the UVA Rotunda. Turn right onto Hospital Drive (the street across from CVS Pharmacy) and follow the right arrow on the road. Continue toward the glass hut. If you are stopped by the attendant inside of the glass hut, tell them you have an appointment at the Clinical Research Unit. Parking is free in the lot while you are at the CRU. If there are no available places in this lot, park in front of West Complex and ask the Information Desk for directions to the CRU (located next to Neurosurgery Clinic).

Directions to West Complex CRU from West Complex Lobby/Information Desk

NOTE: Participants may park at the West Complex parking lot if there is room free of charge for the duration of the appointment.

Pick up a map at the Information Desk and/or follow these directions to the CRU

  1. Upon entrance of the lobby, take the West "A" Elevators to your right to the third floor.

  2. Exit the elevator and turn right. There should be a passage that connects to the back portion of the West Complex

  3. At the end of the hallway, take a left turn.

  4. Go down the hallway and take your first right.

  5. Keep going straight to the end of the hallway. The double doors to the left is the entrance to the Neurosurgical Clinic. The CRU is located behind the double doors straight past the receptionist.

  6. Upon arrival, tell the registration staff at the front desk that you have an appointment for the Salt Sensitivity Study.

Directions to the CRU coming from Hospital Drive

NOTE: Participants may park in the lot at Hospital Drive if there is room free of charge for the duration of the appointment. Tell attendant in the glass hut that you have an appointment at the Clinical Research Unit (CRU).

After parking, walk in the opposite direction of the glass hut and the Corner toward the last entrance of the West Complex. Above the entrance, there should be a sign indicating "BARRINGER WING"

Access to this part of the building requires special authorization and is locked to the general public. At the time of your appointment, a staff member will be waiting outside of the building to let you in. If there is no staff member, push the call button on the right and tell them you have an appointment at the CRU so they can buzz you in.


Walk through the double doors and immediately turn right to a second set of double doors into the Neurosurgery Clinic. Keep walking straight and the CRU entrance is the double doors past the receptionist. 

Check in at the front desk and tell them you are meeting Mahabuba Akhter for the salt study.

Hospital Drive entrance to Barringer Wing pictured to the right

Ivy Building CRU

Participants have the luxury of booking their screenings at a second location located in Fontaine Research Park. The CRU is located in Ivy Building on 560 Ray C. Hunt Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22903. Participants driving are able to park free of charge for the duration of their appointment.

Directions to Ivy Building CRU from Parking Lot:

The Ivy Building requires special authorization to enter and is locked to the general public. At the time of your appointment, a member of the staff will be waiting for your arrival to let you in.

Upon entering the building, you will see a receptionist in the middle of the lobby. Directly to the right of the receptionist is the entrance to the CRU.