Before entering into the two-week diet study, all participants must undergo two pre-study screening tests:

  • Genetic screening

  • General screening

These pre-screening tests are mandatory to genetic and physical health analysis.

PLEASE NOTE: The pre-screening process only requires two separate appointments made according to your availability; however, the tests will take up to a month to complete because genetic results are returned within 1-4 weeks after screening.

Genetic Screening:

After meeting the general criteria, participants will be scheduled for a genetic screening.

During genetic screening, we'll ask you for:

  • a cheek swab

  • a urine sample

  • a blood sample

All tests are free of charge; however, only participants that fully complete the two-week diet study will obtain their genetic results.  All participants have the full right to deny to participate and can drop out of the study whenever they please (further rights, benefits, and risks of the study can be accessed under Informed Consent Forms). The genetic screening appointment will be no longer than 30 minutes. We will get in touch with you within 1-4 weeks for further instructions.

We are currently recruiting those that meet specific genetic criteria. However, do not be discouraged for you may be contacted at a later date for participation.

General Screening Test:

After the genetic screening, participants will undergo a general screening that assesses their physical health to ensure they meet set physical criteria made for the study. The general screening will last 90 minutes and consists of:

  • a urine sample collection

  • a full physical work up

  • a medical history analysis

  • an EKG reading

All tests are free of charge. Participants that meet our set physical criteria will move on to participate in the Two-Week Diet study.